25)It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

As the population continues to grow in communities surrounding my own, business have made a variety of proposals to take advantage of the continuous influx of people. The most recent announcement of plans for a large shopping center has been met with both agreement and trepidation. While some believe that a new shopping center will lead to increased traffic and pollution, I believe that this is not the case and fully support plans for its construction. A new shopping center will offer shoppers more convenience and benefit the local economy.

First, being able to do all of my shopping at once is a huge convenience. Since my community has gotten progressively larger, I have always had to travel all over town to get everything I need. For example, if I wanted to go grocery shopping I would have to go to Hamiltons for my fruit and vegetables, Aberdeen Center for meat and the Dairy Farm for milk. While these specialty stores offer a wide selection of individual products, a large shopping center could put them all in one place. This would save me both a significant amount of time and alleviate the stress of running from one place to the next trying to get everything before the stores closed for the day.

Second, a large shopping center would help develop the local economy. A shopping center regularly people from all the communities within driving distance. A large shopping center would support businesses such as restaurants, bars, movies theaters, and designer clothes boutiques. These businesses would ensure a regular influx of people into the local community which would translate into additional revenue. This would lead to more jobs being created in my community with more overall money for the government to develop my area further.

In short, a large shopping center in my area would bring numerous advantages. For local residents it would mean being able to do all their shopping in one place, saving them time and alleviating stress. My area would also benefit from new businesses employing local residents. For these reasons I would support a large shopping center being constructed in my area.

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